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Features and Benefits

of the Mister Aerator® Business System

  • Excellent turnkey business system: We provide operations and sales and marketing start-up training (classroom and field), an operations and marketing manual, a customer administration and management program, and limited ongoing telephone support.
  • Brand name logo and service mark: We provide a registered trademark, service mark, and logo for high brand recognition in marketing, public relations, and customer communication, thus ensuring instant credibility and reputation.
  • Experienced director: The Mister Aerator® team manages the head office, conducts the training, and develops the marketing aids. We have been there before and understand what’s involved in running a successful small business.
  • Excellent family business opportunity: This excellent part-time or full-time business opportunity can supplement your family income, and you can hire family and friends. This is an ideal business for individuals affected by corporate downsizing or for shift workers, teachers, and students.
  • True home-based business: Low overhead. No retail storefront. Minimal storage space is required. No extraneous staff or fancy offices are required. No customer parking is needed!
  • Low initial investment: Compared to most franchises, a Mister Aerator® business is a relatively low investment, with potential for high return-on-investment. In most cases, an owner/operator should be able to recover his or her investment and make a profit in the first few years of business operations.
  • Low variable costs: No inventory to buy or warehouse. Aeration service has no cost of raw materials.
  • Low fixed costs: No expensive leasehold improvements or leases for specialized space is required. No expensive custom vehicles to lease or buy. No complicated office administration setup is required. Minimal equipment and maintenance costs. No expensive payroll to carry.
  • Low operating costs: No exorbitant recurring monthly expenses to absorb during low- income months.
  • No sales-based royalties or advertising fees: A modest annual licensing renewal fee is fixed according to the size of your territory. You are not assessed a monthly royalty or advertising fee tied to your sales revenue, so your fees won’t increase when your sales do.
  • Cash business: Avoid extended and complicated accounts receivable. Receive payment when services are performed. Excellent cash flow.
  • Simple bookkeeping: Mostly cash transactions. Few, if any, employees are required. No expensive, complicated computer systems to buy and learn. No nightmare payroll scenarios or expensive hiring requirements.
  • Designated territory: Large or small, no additional Mister Aerator® businesses will be sold within the boundaries of your territory.
  • Expansion opportunity: You can expand within your territory or operate as small a business as you like. No production minimums or maximums are set by Mister Aerator® for your territory.
  • State-of-the-industry equipment: We feature high-quality, golf course-quality aeration equipment.
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