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The Lawn Care Market:

The Market Segment Opportunity

The North American Lawn Care Industry is estimated to be worth more than $4.0 billion and is growing at up to 12% annually!*

Just look around your own community. Every home with a lawn is a potential customer, and growing populations and new developments mean increased business opportunity. And you are free to service your growing market without an increasing payment for monthly royalties or advertising fees!

Do-It-Yourself Homeowners will make up the majority of your potential market. These potential aeration customers may cut, fertilize, and treat their own lawns but will contract out for services that require specialized equipment and trained staff. So the do-it-yourselfers are a very viable customer segment for you. Your appeal to this market segment more than doubles the size of your target market compared to other typical lawn care companies that compete for only 30% of single-family homes that are willing to hire a maintenance or lawn care company!

There are four distinct and important differences between a Mister Aerator® business system and other professional lawn care services:

  • There are very few competitors whose marketing and service are solely focused on core lawn aeration ... Mister Aerator® services specialize in core lawn aeration.
  • Many homeowners avoid lawn care programs and companies because they use harmful pesticides (herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides) ... Mister Aerator® services do not use any pesticides or chemicals.
  • Customers are often skeptical that lawn care companies are spraying only water or diluted product mixtures so that no effective product is actually applied to lawns ... Mister Aerator® services are clearly apparent to homeowners - they can see what they paid for when they see the cores on the lawn.
  • Many homeowners go to the local hardware store, home center, mass merchandiser, or garden center to buy and apply their own fertilizers and lawn care chemicals – this is the do-it-yourself part of the market – but these customers have neither the equipment nor the expertise to conduct their own core aeration ... Mister Aerator® operators bring heavy, durable equipment to the customer’s home to do a specialized professional job.
A Mister Aerator® system can quickly get you started in a business that capitalizes on this market opportunity. Mister Aerator® marketing and operations training will show you how to tap into the “grassroots” potential in your territory.
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*Source: Landscape Management Magazine

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